An Essay On New Year Celebration

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All units such as banks, restaurants and shops are closed on this day.

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Though the selection of the new year is essentially arbitrary from a planetary perspective, there is one noteworthy astronomical event that occurs around this time: The Earth is closest to the sun in early January, a point known as the perihelion. 1 is almost universally recognized as the beginning of the new year, though there are a few holdouts: Afghanistan, Ethiopian, Iran, Nepal and Saudi Arabia rely on their own calendrical conventions.

Different religions also celebrate their New Year's at different times.

During the festival people often wash away last year's bad luck and sin and splash each other with water to release birds and fish on the last day of the festival.

Each year represents a different animal of the Chinese Zodiac and this New Year is the year of the horse. Three reasons: 1) It tells of an amazing origin of the Chinese culture, 2) It is when Chinese cooking and cuisine goes all out, and 3) We celebrate it with our own style and flare.

The day of the festival is considered a holiday in Myanmar and is part of the summer vacation at the end of the school year. Various drinks will surely satisfy your guests The New Year (Thingyan) is a nice holiday in Myanmar.

Throwing water from any container or device that transports water in any shape or form is a characteristic of this festival that can be completed in the first four days of the festival. "Tingan" is known as a water festival and is usually held in April every year.For instance, in 2008, the Islamic New Year was celebrated on Dec. The day of Tingan Festival is based on Myanmar's calendar. Mokheil is a combination of subtle drinks that can block alcohol in drinks.New Year’s Eve customs vary depending on where you are in the world, and each country and city has their own way of celebrating.There are countless places all over this massive world that would be great to celebrate the New Year.Then at night, a festive and jovial parade would tread across town where reenactments of legendary stories would be shown.Also, dragons and lions would line the streets and dance about while fireworks filled the night sky with their multitudes of color and thunderous drums of sound scared away the evil spirits. This is a festival of Buddhism that celebrates four to five days and ends in the New Year. - 20 cocktails for New Year's Eve is the perfect time to organize the party and invite guests. Alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks must be placed on the table to accommodate customers of all ages. As the people of Myanmar believe, they have to clear the bad things of the previous year. In other words, "transit" is the first day of Myanmar, usually in the middle of April. Tingan is a traditional festival of Burma and a water festival. People celebrate Thingyan in April, the hottest month of the year.Make sure to check out the biggest party, Hot in the City, New Year’s Eve at Sky City in downtown.Sydney is no stranger to New Year’s Eve parties as over a million people flock to the harbor for one of the world’s largest fireworks displays.


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