Amy Tan Mother Tongue Full Essay

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Thus, when learning is conducted, the children effortlessly follow and understand, resulting in educational success.

Mother tongue develops a strong foundation for learning additional languages.

However, she soon realizes that she is being someone she is not; Amy eventually fully realizes her true relationship with her mother, and subsequently allows that newfound knowledge to affect her writing.

Their relationship is one of wonderful love and comfort, one where they can speak broken English ("mother tongue") and have it mean something very special.

Learning in school accentuates with the use of mother tongue.

Mother tongue is a powerful tool in advancing the learning in people.

In various households, particularly those of immigrants, some family members such as grandparents and parents do not understand English commonly utilized in different countries.

Thus, when a child grows up with particular emphasis on speaking in a language other than their mother tongue, results in a linguistic gap with some family members, consequencing in an emotional disconnect with other family members.

Understanding and fluency in various native dialects hence give individuals an upper hand in becoming language specialist, thus, gainfully employed.

Mother tongue elicits the development of strong family bonds.


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