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That the clergy should be in times of war, as George Bernard Shaw not unjustly observes, "The most pugnacious of our citizens" is significant.There are so many phases of war that lend themselves most easily to a religious interpretation.

But they were not as numerous and not as strong as might have been expected considering the strength of the various peace propaganda of ante-bellum days.When Andrew Carnegie founded the Church Peace Union [now Carnegie Council] in February 1914, he told his new organization that theirs was a "divine mission" to end war.Once that goal was achieved—which he had no doubt would be soon—they should disband and give the CPU's funds to the poor.But another reason for our incredulity and our desperate hope was our belief that the sin and the injustice of war was so evident to the majority of civilized men that the moral conscience of the nations would revolt against the impending struggle.It was because of this widely held opinion that men were so quick to place the blame for the war upon the respective rulers of the belligerent nations.The passion of patriotism is of course not new to history. But one might have justly expected a more sober spirit in this age and a more general insistence upon knowing the justice of the positions the nations had taken, and for which they asked their citizens to sacrifice their lives.It is true, there were some questioning and some dissenting voices in the countries involved.But the utterances of many of the nations' leaders force us to conclude that there was yet another cause for their readiness to sanction an undertaking for which a moral defense is so difficult.This was the moral charm that war still holds for many as an opportunity for the expression of some of man's noblest passions.This feeling of incredulity persisted in many quarters even after hostilities had actually begun.In part it was no doubt due to the natural inability of our minds to become reconciled to events that had not before entered into the range of possibilities for us.


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