African American Literature Research Paper

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They are beginning to assert that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword.’ The post-Reconstruction period is like the second birth for African-Americans.

In the......decade in the United States, made possible by the numerous technological advances which had been achieved in the attempt to get technology for the First World War, led to an economic boom of the time.

Although Harlem Renaissance relied predominantly on support of black sponsors, the movement also depended on patronage of such whites as Charlotte Osgood Mason and Carl Vechten who offered the movement different forms of assistance.

The Harlem Renaissance contributed into the foundation of post-World War II Civil Rights Movement.

After a range of vicissitudes, the Youngers start their move to the new apartment.

Despite the fact they have lost a considerable part of the insurance money and despite the fact they know they will face a lot of prejudice in their new place of living, the Youngers look with hope at the prospects of their future life.In her short story “Sweat” , Zora Neale Hurston portrays a black washerwoman Delia and her unemployed husband Sykes who is a fan of cruel practical jokes.The story is set in Deep South,in one of small towns. In addition,she is constantly abused by her husband.It provided the art with different course as it was directed on the abolition of racial discrimination and giving all the races the opportunity to express their feelings through art. It is a peculiar situation for the black community.The problems of their inner world have assumed more importance than the issues of the secular world.Next, Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun” focuses on a period in life of the Youngers, a black family living in Chicago.Just as they are about to get a , 000 insurance check from the insurance policy of their late father, all members of the family discuss their dreams as to how to spend the money.United within Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, black authors continued to produce literary works in a variety of forms and styles well into the 20th century.My goal in this paper is to explore works of African American authors of the 20th century in relation to the following movements: Harlem Renaissance, Modernism, Realism, and Naturalism.Thus, this study seeks to.....experimental forms of music and literature, including modernism and the so-called jazz-poetry.Such diversity meant that lots of African-American artists defied black intellectuals as well as the conservatives (Wintz, 278).


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