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Another reason for the increase in the number of abortion is because of the orthodox value of preferring a male child.The pregnant women are forced to abort the female child which creates a social issue and also hampers the demographic purview of the country.

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As an abysmal consequence, the issue of abortion causes sex inequality and curbs the right of the women.

Notably, abortion is a problem for the society and for the people who are against killing of unborn baby but few supports it to avoid the unwanted child (Pearson Highered, n.d.; Burke, 1994).

The prime reason behind such scenario is a lack of knowledge.

Moreover, it is often observed that the working women of today do not prefer motherhood in the early age to maintain their work life and the standard of living in the society.

Aborting an innocent life does not take away the pain and crime of incest or rape. Few issues seem to stir as much intense conflict as abortion.

Until about 25 years ago, it was very difficult for a woman to terminate a pregnancy legally in the United States and most industrialized nations.In the present world, the aspect of abortion has become vitally important for young women and teenage girls.It is evident from the facts that the issue regarding abortion is not an individual problem anymore but has turned into a social problem.The reason for the abortion and the situations are different and thus the implications of it on the society differ.The abortion as per the social issue is based on the concept of conflict theory.In the unavoidable circumstances if a woman turns out to be pregnant, she often does not hesitate to take the measure of removing the child from her womb to maintain her strata of singlehood.This causes a negative impact on the society and the lifestyle of the people.There are certain negative and positive impacts that are brought upon an individual owing to the physical and mental hardships that are faced while undergoing abortion.Moreover, the perception of people towards abortion also plays a major role in rendering decisive implications on an individual.The alternatives with reference to abortion can be effective in reducing its effect on the society.Overview Abortion is a hindrance to the societal development.


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