Abortion Against Abortion Essay

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From this perspective, the rejection of abortion accompanies the condemnation of nuclear warfare and capita punishment, along with efforts to eliminate such deadly problems as poverty and malnutrition.

All such issues form a “seamless garment,” the purpose of which is to preserve human life.

Conceivably, the nobility of this cause has led some people, and especially Catholics, to refuse any withdrawal from the line of conception as the beginning of human life.

However, research suggests that the “seamless garment” argument might apply only to a small, perhaps elite, segment of Canadians (Jelen p.118-125).

Such attitudes have been collectively identified as “social traditionalism”.

The head of the Pro Life Action has said, “There’s more to life than the viscera twitch, and I think using sex purely for pleasure is sort of animalistic” (quoted in Ridgeway p.29).The wisdom of this approach seems increasingly evident as the heat the abortion debate generates has intensified over the past three decades.The deep investment in the issue by various faith communities has led to acrimonious and divisive rhetoric and heavy-handed actions that threaten the cohesion of the social fabric, especially the civility that is necessary to maintain tolerance among and for all religious groups in a free and open society.Freedom for religion means that religious people have every fight to engage in the democratic process of shaping public opinion and policy.Second, a simple coincidence between religious doctrine and certain laws or regulations does not necessarily violate the First Amendment.From this tradition has emerged the idea of the sacredness of human life, a belief which has affected modern attitudes toward the abortion issue.Some Catholic leaders have placed the protest against abortion within a larger ideological framework of the need to preserve all human life (Cleghorn p.129-142).The charge that a sectarian doctrine lies behind public policy restricting access to abortion (Swomley p.16-17) fails to prove entanglement or favoritism amounting to religious establishment.Not surprisingly, a positive relationship has been found between political conservatism and social traditionalism.Also, an antiabortion stand has generally been associated with politically conservative people and groups.


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