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In the rural households, this invention is used for lighting, TV, cooking and other minor consumptions such as computers and fans, in the urban areas; electricity is used in major industries to run machines and other household uses such as running electric products (Ian, 2007).The invention of electricity and its continued development has made it the main source of power worldwide for homes, in businesses and in industries.

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There are many inventions of the future that people either know or hope will happen and some inventions that people have never thought that would happen in this or the next lifetime. "Gun-Toting Robots May Fight Alongside Soldiers in Future Battles." Gun-Toting Robots May Fight Alongside Soldiers in Future Battles.

For instance, one piece of future technology that I believe may come to pass is the invention of flying cars.

In addition, invention of electricity has led to the invention of the products that are electric powered.

With no electricity, very many activities will stop making life very difficult for many people.

It is also crucial to these innovators that they be rewarded and recognized for their ideas, and that they cannot be copied by a third party.

To ensure this, the patent was introduced into the world and now protects millions of inventions and processes from fraud.

Electricity has huge and growing uses as a form of energy; this is due to its flexibility and reliability.

Electricity has several resources that are used to produce it namely, the fossil fuels, water, solar, wind, hydrogen and many others.

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