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First and foremost I learned from watching the kid’s scene that you work better when you feel better and when you feel confident.The scene that I’ll probably remember most is when Ms. It was shocking and interesting to see how adults act in such a situation where as they are being discriminated against.Essentially, Elliott replicated the behaviors observed in the larger society by providing her students with scripts, which negatively or positively labeled children according to eye color, and that were to govern the behavior of the classmates.

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Grierson also notes that the early documentary filmmakers were concerned about the way the world was going and wanted to use all the tools at hand to push the public towards greater civic participation.

With the success of Drifters, Grierson was able to further his ideas, but rather than directing other films, he devoted his time Waiting for Superman Sociology Film: Waiting for Superman This is a disturbing film about the education system and the resistance to change. Before you start watching this film, recall your high school education experience -- both good and bad parts.

Elliott devised an exercise to conduct with her students to help them understand how racism and stereotyping emerge and are maintained in groups of people.

Using eye color as a substitute for race, Elliott requested that the children in her classroom behavior in a prejudiced manner toward children whose eyes were a different color than their own.

Indeed, Elliott carefully taught her students to conform to the stereotypes through her selective rewarding or punishing of the students' behaviors.

A fascinating question was formulated in the documentary regarding the complicity with which the adult prison guards accepted their roles as extremely biased authority figures and felt wholly justified in their treatment of the black inmates. The natural world allows us to show of more of our individual talents, whereas the urban landscape seems to only allow us to show what is needed of us in terms of industry.

Film: A Class Divided The documentary film A Class Divided has become a standard for exploring the origin of racial prejudice in a diverse society.

Jane Elliott was a third-grade teacher in 1968 at the time of Reverend Martin Luther King's assassination.

This prayer related to the brown eyes/blue eyes exercise because it taught the kids that no one person is different from the next, we all were created equal and it isn’t write to judge someone unless you’ve been through what they’ve been through.

Prejudice is a biased opinion about others based solely on their membership in a certain group (Schneider, Gruman, & Coutts, 2012).


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