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It combines classic poems with some of today’s best work.

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The book supports students with thorough chapters on the poetic elements, six sensible chapters on critical reading and writing, and helpful sample close readings, writing assignments, and student papers.

The book supports students with thorough chapters on the poetic elements, six sensible chapters on critical reading and writing, and helpful sample close readings, writing assignments, and student papers. Thinking and Writing about Poetry's 240 rich and diverse poems range from the classic canon to the latest gems such as Cornelius Eady's "The Supremes," Charles Simic’s “The Storm,” and Kay Ryan's "Turtle."A unique emphasis on critical — and creative — reading.

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Contents List of Poets Preface for Instructors Thematic Contents Introduction: Reading Imaginative Literature The Nature of Literature Emily Dickinson • A NARROW FELLOW IN THE GRASS The Value of Literature The Changing Literary Canon THE ELEMENTS OF POETRY 1.

Reading Poetry Reading Poetry Responsively Lisa Parker • SNAPPING BEANS Robert Hayden • THOSE WINTER SUNDAYS John Updike • DOG’S DEATH The Pleasure of Words William Hathaway • OH, OH A SAMPLE CLOSE READING An Annotated Version of “Oh, Oh” Robert Francis • CATCH A SAMPLE STUDENT ANALYSIS Tossing Metaphors Together in Robert Francis’s “Catch” Philip Larkin • A STUDY OF READING HABITS Robert Morgan • MOUNTAIN GRAVEYARD E. Cummings • l(a Anonymous • WESTERN WIND Regina Barreca • NIGHTTIME FIRES SUGGESTIONS FOR APPROACHING POETRYBilly Collins • INTRODUCTION TO POETRY Poetry in Popular Forms Helen Farries • MAGIC OF LOVE John Frederick Nims • LOVE POEM Bruce Springsteen • DEVILS & DUST PERSPECTIVE ROBERT FRANCIS • On “Hard” Poetry Poems for Further Study Mary Oliver • THE POET WITH HIS FACE IN HIS HANDS Jim Tilley • THE BIG QUESTIONS Alberto Ríos • SENIORS Alfred, Lord Tennyson • CROSSING THE BAR Edgar Allan Poe • THE RAVEN Cornelius Eady • THE SUPREMES Emily Dickinson • TO MAKE A PRAIRIE IT TAKES A CLOVER AND ONE BEE 2.He has lectured on a variety of American literary topics from Cambridge University to Peking University. Martin's include The Bedford Introduction to Literature; The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature; Literature to Go; Poetry: An Introduction; and Thinking and Writing about Literature.Click the E-mail Download Link button and we'll send you an e-mail at with links to download your instructor resources.Theodore Roethke • MY PAPA’S WALTZ PERSPECTIVE LOUISE BOGAN • On Formal Poetry 9. William Shakespeare • MY MISTRESS’ EYES ARE NOTHING LIKE THE SUN Edna St. Critical Strategies for Reading Critical Thinking The Literary Canon: Diversity and Controversy Formalist Strategies Biographical Strategies Psychological Strategies Historical Strategies Marxist Criticism Cultural Criticism Gender Strategies Feminist Criticism Gay and Lesbian Criticism Mythological Strategies Reader-Response Strategies Deconstructionist Strategies 16. Alfred Prufrock” Comparison and Contrast A SAMPLE COMPARISONAndrew Marvell and Sharon Olds Seize the Day 17.Vincent Millay • I WILL PUT CHAOS INTO FOURTEEN LINES A SAMPLE STUDENT RESPONSE The Fixed Form in Edna St. Open Form Walt Whitman • FROM “I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC” PERSPECTIVE WALT WHITMAN • On Rhyme and Meter A SAMPLE STUDENT RESPONSE The Power of Walt Whitman’s Open Form Poem “I Sing the Body Electric” Louis Jenkins • THE PROSE POEM David Shumate • SHOOTING THE HORSE Richard Hague • DIRECTIONS FOR RESISTING THE SAT Ellen Bass • GATE C 22Natasha Trethewey • ON CAPTIVITY Gary Gildner • FIRST PRACTICE Julio Marzán • THE TRANSLATOR AT THE RECEPTION FOR LATIN AMERICAN WRITERS Robert Morgan • OVERALLS Kevin Young • EDDIE PRIEST’S BARBERSHOP & NOTARY Anonymous • THE FROG Tato Laviera • AMERÍCAN Karl Shapiro • LOWER THE STANDARD Billie Bolton • MEMORANDUMFound Poem Donald Justice • ORDER IN THE STREETS 11. Reading and the Writing Process The Purpose and Value of Writing about Literature Reading the Work Closely Annotating the Text and Journal Note-Taking Choosing a Topic Developing a Thesis Arguing about Literature QUESTIONS FOR ARGUING CRITICALLY ABOUT LITERATURE Organizing a Paper Writing a Draft Writing the Introduction and Conclusion Using Quotations Revising and Editing QUESTIONS FOR REVISING AND EDITING Manuscript Form Types of Writing Assignments Explication A SAMPLE EXPLICATIONA Reading of Emily Dickinson’s “There’s a certain Slant of light” Emily Dickinson • THERE’S A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT Analysis A SAMPLE ANALYSISDisembodied Images in T. The Literary Research Paper Writing a Literary Research Paper Choosing a Topic Finding Sources Electronic Sources Evaluating Sources and Taking Notes Developing a Thesis and Organizing the Paper Revising Documenting Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism The List of Works Cited Parenthetical References Incorporating Secondary Sources QUESTIONS FOR INCORPORATING SECONDARY SOURCES A SAMPLE RESEARCH PAPER Individuality and Community in Robert Frost’s “Mowing” and “Mending Wall” 18.Slavitt • TITANIC Joanne Diaz • ON MY FATHER’S LOSS OF HEARINGJohn Keats • ODE ON A GRECIAN URN Gwendolyn Brooks • WE REAL COOL Joan Murray • WE OLD DUDES Alice Jones • THE LARYNX Louis Simpson • IN THE SUBURBS Garrison Keillor • THE ANTHEM 4.Images Poetry’s Appeal to the Senses William Carlos Williams • POEM Walt Whitman • CAVALRY CROSSING A FORD David Solway • WINDSURFING Matthew Arnold • DOVER BEACH Ruth Forman • POETRY SHOULD RIDE THE BUS Poems for Further Study Amy Lowell • THE POND H. [Hilda Doolittle] • HEAT Ruth Fainlight • CROCUSES Mary Robinson • LONDON’S SUMMER MORNINGWilliam Blake • LONDONA SAMPLE STUDENT RESPONSE Imagery in William Blake’s “London” and Mary Robinson’s “London’s Summer Morning” Emily Dickinson • WILD NIGHTS—WILD NIGHTS!These materials are being provided solely for instructional use by instructors who have adopted Macmillan Learning’s accompanying textbooks or online products for use by students in their courses.These materials may not be copied, distributed, sold, shared, posted online, or used, in print or electronic format, except in the limited circumstances set forth in the Macmillan Learning Terms of Use and any other reproduction or distribution is illegal.And the “Anthology” section offers a collection of poems that is both teachable in the classroom and a foundation for independent reading.A clear focus on thinking and writing about poetry.


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