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Taking time to plan the essay before writing can also help you make the most of your word limit.As you plan, you should focus on what is essential to include in the essay, cutting information that isn’t necessary or doesn’t add anything important.You could narrow down the topic even more by choosing one specific project, like volunteering at a nursing home.

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If you attempted to do so, you would likely be forced to leave out all kinds of information.

You wouldn’t have enough words to give a close, personal look at your own experiences and how they have shaped you.

You don’t need to say “reason” and “because” in the same sentence, because one implies the other.

Avoiding repetition, unnecessary words, and excessive adverbs can help you write concisely and stick to the word limit.

In the rare case there is no established word limit, most experts recommend not exceeding 900 words for a college essay. Follow the tips below to write an impressive, effective Common App essay that sticks to the word limit.

The best way to write a concise, effective essay is to select a topic that’s as specific as possible.The introduction shouldn’t be more than 5-6 sentences unless you have a reason for including key information.Historically, students tend to cram the introduction with too much background detail.Concise writing avoids unnecessary words and sentences. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include details or make interesting use of language. Avoid extraneous words such as: You can also steer clear of using too many adverbs, and repetition.For example, “The reason for _____________ is because…” is repetitive.How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?If you addressed this prompt, a portion of the essay would be spent describing a “challenge, setback or failure” you have faced.Before we begin, you should always abide by the college essay word count.Following the word count means you’ll follow the rules on campus. If you are applying to colleges using the Common Application (Common App), you will have to limit your college essay to 650 words. Even if you aren’t filling out the Common App, most college essays set word limits around 500-750 words.This is usually where students go over the Common App essay word limit.To make sure there are plenty of words left for the “meat” of the essay, it’s important to keep the introduction relatively short.


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