5 Paragraph Essay Powerpoint Presentation

To make quick research you need to find two or three reliable sources.

It’s better to find short articles on the topic which were published on websites of top universities, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, or University of Cambridge.

When you are paraphrasing a sentence, take into consideration that simply changing a couple of words doesn’t count as proper paraphrasing.

Step 6: Work on the details If you succeeded in completing the previous step, you should have a few minutes to work on details.

Switch off gadgets that can distract you from your work.

Shut the doors and windows so that noises won’t disturb you.

Also, you need to switch off the music if it is playing, even if you always do your homework to music.

Now, with all of these preparations complete, we can work with you more effectively.

Reread your paper and add or delete sentences or phrases. You don’t have time to work on each sentence properly.

Unfortunately, you also don’t have enough time to check inaccuracies. However, you have the ability to check your essay for inconsistencies. Hopefully, this will help you to notice inconsistencies.


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