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But it will also sound a lot like other people’s visions.

You need to have some idea of how to achieve that vision, define it more narrowly, and explain why it resonates with you.

Bring it down to earth with your plan for implementing that vision.

In other words writing that you seek “a career leading an innovative enterprise, providing work-life balance, and allowing me the opportunity to contribute to my community” sounds great.

” The interesting twist to Harvard’s question is “career vision.” With Harvard’s focus on strategy, Harvard is asking you to develop your career strategy and discuss its importance to you.

But don’t leave your answer on an entirely theoretical plane.

If you declare Issue X as the most important one to you, be prepared to discuss what you have This wild card question is a gift to you from the kindly folks serving on the HBS adcom so you can show another area in which you shine. Do not waste it on a summary or closing sales pitch.

A friend went to her daughter’s graduation and quoted the valedictory address, “In school you learn lessons and then take tests.

For more on the concept of vision, please see “The Parable of the Three Stone Masons.”I believe that HBS is attempting to identify those who are like the third stonemason — perhaps with less religious fervor, but with well… They are still working hard, with feet on the ground, but they radiate enthusiasm for a distant goal and pride in their ability to contribute to something much larger than themselves. If you say that Issue X is the most important issue to you and you have done nothing to advocate your position, you are hurting your chances of admission.

You can be for or against a wide variety of global concerns, but you want to portray yourself as a person of action and initiative.


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