2007 Essay International

What kind of science and technology do you think is needed for realizing a more equitable, prosperous and sustainable world for all?In our modern world, people of different nationalities, races or religions often find themselves living and working side by side.How can peoples of diverse cultures and backgrounds live together peacefully?How do you wish to fulfill your role as a citizen of Earth? Culture includes the arts, traditions and customs of a country or region, as well as the wisdom, values, lifestyles and trends of the people living there.In order to build a peaceful world, we need to acknowledge and respect each other’s cultures.Ignorance, exclusion, discrimination, and a lack of social integration of foreigners and immigrants within the main society may become causes of deep frustration and explosive violent clashes among young people as seen in different parts of the world.Formulate your ideas for a project or initiative to achieve this goal.Please describe your ideas, including your own observations and experiences.We live in a world with many complex problems, both local and global.UNESCO was created 70 years ago to build peace in the minds of men and women as a way to attain lasting peace in the world.What does it mean to build peace in our hearts and minds? Please illustrate your ideas with your personal experience In the vast universe, we were born on this planet called Earth, where various cultures and ethnicities, all living things, and all of nature exist together.


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