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So here’s where the MVT breakdown board comes in handy when planning your growth strategy.

So here’s where the MVT breakdown board comes in handy when planning your growth strategy.Just walk through this process to get an idea of whether or not your suggested experiment can and should be broken down even more.By working backward, it becomes easier to make somewhat realistic goals of where the company would need to be in 5 years, 3 years and 1 year in order to hit that 10-year goal.

The process for identifying and hitting your business goals can be broken down into five steps: Step 1: Identifying and setting your high-level goals.

Step 2: Understanding which inputs and outputs impact those goals. Visually documenting the path to hitting your business goals will not only help you have a better understanding of the specific factors that will influence growth, it will also provide the rest of your team with a concise and easy-to-follow growth strategy roadmap as well.

If more nights are being booked, and that number is consistently increasing, it means that more customers are having a positive experience with Airbnb and are therefore returning to the platform to book their accommodation.

Now, in order to hit their revenue and acquisition goals, the company needs to get to 70,000 Daily Active Users.

On top of that, they’ve listed out some steps required in order to achieve those goals.

As you glance further down the funnel, you can see that this is, in fact, a pretty audacious business goal considering where the company is probably starting out from.Sending an email is a relatively low effort task on the Marketing side which requires little to no support from Design or Engineering, and which will still provide enough information to validate whether the full feature should be implemented.So the answer is a resounding By getting everyone on your team to use this growth strategy checklist when deciding which experiments to go after, it becomes easier at a first glance to know if all the areas of importance are being considered.In fact, growth is a long process and requires a strong focus and understanding of the data and metrics that influence the various moving parts of an organization.That is why you need a well thought out growth strategy to really succeed.Where do you see yourself and your company by that time? How much revenue do you expect your company to generate? At 10 years old, the company expects to be making 100 million in revenue and they expect to achieve this with 120 employees.They’ve also indicated the number of daily active users required to get there.However, in actual practice, you may also be concerned about your customer acquisition costs.Typically, paid acquisition channels like Facebook Ads and Adwords have a higher CAC than organic channels like SEO or content marketing.In fact, one issue that many startups face when it comes to implementing new product features, or marketing strategies, is Simply stated, waterfalling is what happens when a team continues to add requirements to a project, to the point where the task becomes so large that the time required to implement it keeps increasing.They’ve even hypothesized the results that this new implementation will reap.


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